Epris Hair Studio is an upscale hair salon nestled in the heart of Cupertino. Our studio is dedicated to providing a professional and personlized experience that exceeds all expectations. Our mission is to draw out our clients hidden beauty and ensure clients walk out of the studio with satisfcation and joy. We pride ourselves on using only the higest quality products, sourced from renowned brands, to enhance and nourish your hair.

/ Bora Kang

Education & Experience
Aug 2013 ~ Current Epris Hair Studio Owner
Mar 2011 ~ Jul 2013 Park Jun's Beauty Lab
Sep 2011 ~ Dec 2013 Santa Clara Beauty School
Jun 2010 ~ Feb 2011 Lee Ga Ja Hair Bis
May 2008 ~ Nov 2008 MBC Academy Beauty School
Dec 2007 ~ Mar 2008 Saileeism Hair Academy
Apr 2007 ~ Nov 2011 Song Boo Ja Beauty Academy
Jul 2009 ~ Oct 2009 Park Seung Chul Hair Studio
Jun 2006 National Technical Qualification Certificate